Everyone needs a check-up at times, your PC does too. Meet PC Check.

Identify and prevent problems on Windows computers with an app that automatically performs monthly essential maintenance tasks, gathers data, and then sends a status report that John analyzes.

Ensure your PC is working when you need it!

Only available for Molokai residents and businesses.

Actual footage of PC Check sped up by 1.75x.


Have a Mac? Click here.

How It Works

1. Pick a date & time

You'll pick a date and time (which can be changed later) that will be when PC Check runs each month.

2. Power on & sign in

On the day you chose, at least 15 min prior, be sure to turn on your computer and sign in.

3. Let PC Check do its thing

PC Check will start up automatically and peform essential maintnenace activites, then it will send the related data to John for him to analyze.

4. Check the status of your report

Head to your account page and you'll see a list of reports that PC check has generated. There you will see the status of your report.


Keeps your computer cleaned & optimized for peak performance.

Automatic security checks and updates to your security system and operating system.

Ensures the integrity of your hardware & data with component health & data checks.

Ensures your computer is at its peak performance and keeps an updated list of hardware in case something goes bad.

Gets a list of installed programs, Google Chrome extensions and Windows Store apps for John to audit for apps with malicious intent.

PC Check will be continuously updated with new features and improvements.

Important Questions Answered

Kanaka, let's work together to make sure your PC is there when you need it.

Clean My Mac X
Image is the property of MacPaw Inc

Mac users meet CleanMyMac X

I have partnered with MacPaw Inc (as an affiliate) to ensure you folks are taken care of. Unfortunately, I don't have the resources to develop an application for Mac OS that has similar functionality to PC Check.

However, I can wholeheartedly recommend CleanMyMac X based on past experience.

Go to CleanMyMacX

"To serve Hawai'i's tech needs with integrity, respect and aloha that stems from following Jesus."