Peace of Mind

Know your computer will be there when you need it

PC Check is an app that will keep your computer running smoothly and help idetify any potential issues before they become a problem or current ones.

Monthly Maintenance

Every month on a date you set, PC Check will run maintenance and send a report to JP Tech.

Settings Check

PC Check will check your settings and make sure they are optimal, like automatic system & app updates, and more.

Storage Management

Get notified when local storage space is filling up. Take action with recommended solutions from PC Check.

Hardware Check

Major components, such as the CPU, GPU, and RAM, and your storage devices are checked for any issues.


PC Check will use security software already installed on your system to identify issues. A list of installed apps and browser extensions will be generated to audit.

Expert Support

Based on your plan, you will have access to expert support from JP Tech or AI support from PC Check.


The right price for you, whoever you are

PC Check is made for everyone, from students to professionals, homeowners to businesses.


$10 /mo per computer

Basic plan with all features and AI support

  • AI assisted reccomendations

  • All maintenance features

  • Available anywhere in Hawaii


$40 /mo per computer

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  • AI assisted reccomendations and JP Tech support

  • All features of Basic

  • Only available for Molokai residents


Get volume discounts for more than 10 Licenses.

Frequently asked questions

Have questions about PC Check? We've got answers.

Is PC Check an antivirus?
No PC Check is not an antivirus. PC Check does utilize security software already on your computer, to help identify potential threats that you may have missed or not even known about.
How is PC Check automated?
PC Check runs in the background using minimal resources. On the date that you set, PC Check will run maintenance on your computer and send you a report of its findings.
Can I run PC Check on my own?
Yes, you can run PC Check on your own. You can run maintenance manually, view recomendations, check on your storage, etc.
Does this meen that all issues will be fixed?
PC Check is preventative maintenance. It will help identify issues before they become a problem. If current issues exists, PC Check will provide recomendations or if your on the Pro plan, JP Tech will work with you to fix the issue at a seperate cost.

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