Windows 11 & what it means for your home or business

Windows 11 & what it means for your home or business

The next version of Windows is here and Windows 10 will be out of service come 2025. So what does it mean for your home or your business?

Well for starters, you're going to have to upgrade to Windows 11 come 2025. I know some folks who are still using Windows 7 or even Windows XP which both are long out of service. I heavily advise against using out of service operating systems! Let me tell you why.

Software companies have a planned lifespan for the applications or in this case, operating systems they create. At the end of life for that OS (operating system) they no longer provide feature or security updates (unless you're an enterprise customer.

No biggie you say, "I have an anti virus/malware installed", which is great but the security updates the software developer provides, include code that patches exploits that attackers could use for nefarious purposes. So a potential attacker could easily bypass your anti-virus/malware (including the built in Windows Defender) by making use of the exploit.

The number of attacks, especially ransomware attacks (attackers gain control of your computer and hold your data for ransom) is on the rise. So be smart and keep your system and applications updated *cough cough which my application PC Check helps you to do (Windows also tries to update automatically unless you tell it not to.

Don't let your data be held for ransom or allow attackers to gain control of your system by using outdated software!

Update Requirements for Windows 11

To update to Windows 11 you'll need to meet the hardware requirements and most computers will. However, Windows 11 requires TPM 2.0, which I will not get in to what it is, just know its required. Technically Microsoft will allow computers without TPM 2.0 but its not recommended.

So if you have a computer that what bought new before 2016, its likely you won't meet this requirement. In that case, I recommend purchasing a new computer that meets this requirement. Give me a call at 808-774-8028 or email and let me know what your use case is, e.g, business or personal? The type of things you plan to do, photo editing, school work, gaming, etc. and I will personally look for a recommendation for you. I could also build a custom PC if you'd like.

Is Windows 11 any good?

Short Answer - YES it is.

I've used it since before it was released to the public via the Windows Insider program and I can definitively say its an improvement over Windows 10. It has a few kinks to work out but for personal and business use its been a blast!

I'm not gonna write a review, there are tons out there. Very briefly though a few words about Windows 11.

The new UI (user interface, how it looks) is very nice and pleasing. The elements are laid out nicely and things are intuitive to use. There are some under the hood techie improvements which are a big improvement but I won't bore you with them, just know they exist.

Don't be afraid of switching to Windows 11, its not that big of a jump, and its similar to use compared to Windows 10.

Remember we live in a day and age where we have access to the biggest library in the world, the internet. You can learn anything. Also there's me, any questions at all just give me a call.

Have a wonderful and blessed day/night!! Mahalo for reading!

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