Published: January 27, 2020Updated: November 11, 20202 min read

From time to time, especially on Windows 10 you'll see a notification saying something about an update. Instinctively you ignore it, however, it's absolutely vital that you don't. I'll tell you why.

System Security

Most times updates include changes to the security of your system. For windows users you will receive security updates periodically and it's important to install them. The main reason is that every day new threats arise so new code must be written to protect against those new threats.

This isn't just true for the operating system itself but also for your third party anti-virus/malware programs too. So Norton, Malware-bytes, etc, they all need updates. Without them, your system would be exposed to numerous threats!

Even your web browsers, keep them updated. The companies that offer the web browsers will pay security researchers money to find exploits in the web browsers code, if they find any, the company then proceeds to release an update to fix that exploit. This goes for third party extensions too.

Unfortunately, it's not just security researchers looking for these exploits, people with malicious intents do so too. So the next time you see an update notification, click it!

Keep your apps/programs working correctly

Updates also help your computers core system and various programs work correctly. There may be bugs (errors) in programs that pop up occasionally and usually when developers find them, an update is released to address the issue.

If you have an app or program that relies on an outward service or cloud database the developer may have shut down that service or database. so if you try to use that particular feature, it won't work. So updates also remove unsupported features.

Get new better or helpful features

Updates bring new features too! So if your talking with a friend and they mention doing something on an app or their computer and your wondering why you can't do whatever their doing, check for an update. You may be using and outdated version of that software that doesn't have the feature your friend has.

Windows 7 is no longer supported

I liked Windows 7, along with millions of others, however as of January 14th, 2020 it is no longer supported by Microsoft. Which means no more security updates, so if your still on Windows 7 your prone to viruses and malware.

Officially, Microsoft ended their free automatic update to Windows 10 a while ago but you can still get Windows 10 for free. It involves making a bootable usb drive with the Windows media creating tool and then booting into the BIOS and booting from the USB drive.

I know, I know, if your not sure what I just said then maybe you should let me handle the upgrade for you. If your interested send me a message through my website at'

Stay Updated!

So hopefully you understand the importance of keeping your computer, apps and software updated. To update if your on Windows 10, head to the search bar and type in "Check for updates" and press enter. Then click on the "Check for updates" button and is any are found it will update. You may need to restart when it finishes.

You third party programs and web browsers will likely send you a notification about updating and will do so in a click.

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Have wonderful day!