How to install PC Check

How to install PC Check

Mahalo nui! Now that you're a subscriber, you have access to PC Check. It literally takes 1-3 clicks after it downloads to install. Follow the steps below to do so.

1.Right click on the following link and click 'Open link in new tab', this will open your account PC Check management page in another tab near the top of your web browser, that way you can still have this page open for reference. Here's the link to right click on:

2.In the new tab, you should see a page that looks like this:

Account PC Check Management Page

3. Click on the green 'Download PC Check' button that is circled in the above image. That will start the download the PC Check installer. It should show up near the bottom left of your browser window like in the photo below.

JP Tech PC Check Download

4. When the file is finished downloading, go ahead and click on it. You may see this screen (if you don't see this screen then skip to step 6):

Microsoft Defender SmartScreen

Let me be very clear on what this screen is and what its telling you, THIS IS NOT Windows telling you it has protected you from a virus. IT IS Windows letting you know that this file hasn't been downloaded much (due to this service just being released and only being available to residents of Molokai), so Windows does not know if it is harmful or not due to it not having any data from its Windows Defender SmartScreen reputation system. Over time, with an increase in users and downloads this message should disappear because the system will have collected enough data to determine that PC Check ,is in fact, a safe and trustworthy application.

At their launch, ALL APPLICATIONS that are signed with a Standard Code Signing Certificate (including PC Check) will show this screen until the application has built a good reputation through number of downloads and amount of users. This screen can be avoided by signing an application with an EV Code Signing Certificate ,which I did try to obtain, however my business does not meet the length of time operating requirement since I had recently switched my business from a sole proprietorship to a LLC.

I apologize for the novel but I understand how a screen such as this can create an uneasy feeling, so I want to ensure you that PC Check is in fact safe to install. If you want to know more about Windows Defender SmartScreen please click on this link (right click on the link and then choose open link in new tab):

This ultimately comes down to trust, should you just trust anyone on the internet, no, absolutely not. However, I am not just someone on the internet who may be 3000 miles away, I am a man born and raised on Molokai, with the only intention of serving others with integrity, respect and aloha that stems from following Jesus. My company John Puaoi Tech LLC DBA JP Tech is also accredited by the BBB (Better Business Bureau), to which they have extremely high standards that a business must meet to become accredited. You can see for yourself by following this link (right click on the link and then choose open link in new tab):

I have spent over a year developing PC Check and all the support systems that go along with it. I'm not going to waste that effort and the opportunity to serve you all by creating and distributing a malicious application.

If you still feel uneasy about continuing with the install please don't hesitate to call me during business hours at my office line (808)-774-8028 or my personal cell (808)-658-1664. You can also email me at

5. Sorry for the novel again, now to get past the SmartScreen message, click on "More Info" and then on "Run anyway".

Windows Defender SmartScreen
Bypassing Windows Defender SmartScreen

6.  Now your going to see another screen called the UAC (User Account Control). This screen shows when applications need administrative access. PC Check does need admin access because it needs to access drive operations, Windows store apps, Windows Defender, and Windows Update. Click on 'Yes' for both times it appears. Anytime you manually start PC Check and after PC Check installs an update and restarts (which it does automatically), you'll have to press Yes on the UAC screen. When PC Check starts automatically every month you won't need to (well get to more on this a bit later).

Windows UAC Dialog

7.  PC Check is now installed! It seems like a lot to do because I had to explain the whole SmartScreen thing but wasn't too hard ehh? Now when PC Check starts up you'll have to do some one time setup. You'll start by signing into your online account that you used to create a PC Check subscription.

PC Check Sign In Screen

8. Now go ahead and enter a recognizable and unique nickname for your computer that your installing PC Check on. This will help me and you identify (especially if you have multiple activations available) which computer the report data comes from.

PC Check Config Screen

8. Then choose a week, day and time for when PC Check will run automatically every month. Remember choose a time where you are able to power on your computer and sign in so that way PC Check can run and start automatically. You'll need to turn on and sign into your computer at least 15 mins prior to the time you choose to give ample time for things to start. For example I have chosen, the FIRST MONDAY of every month at 5:00 PM. These settings can always be changed later. Click save when your done.

PC Check Run Time Settings

9. PC Check will now activate itself and you then start the countdown timer to when it will start performing maintenance and gathering data.

PC Check Countdown Screen

To recap, every month, PC Check will run at the time you have set, if you miss that time you can start the application manually, just remember to press yes to the UAC dialog if you do start the app manually.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me, if you can't get a hold of me (may be busy, still a one man operation at the moment, or may be out of business hours), send an email or check out my support page for answers:

Mahalo, mahalo, mahalo!! I can't express the gratitude I have for your support!

"To serve Hawai'i's tech needs with integrity, respect and aloha that stems from following Jesus."